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When it comes to natural topical treatments, lavender really can do it all! From skin toning to wound healing, lavender is one all purpose plant! Among its many uses, we love to use it right before bed to clear the mind and prepare the body for a great night's rest. Fresh lavender buds gently exfoliate, as the rich lavender-scented lather relaxes the day away. 


Coupled with the anti-aging properties of rosemary, you'll look AND feel amazing! 

Rosey-Lavender Bar (Rosemary + Lavender)

SKU: 632835642834572
  • Saponified Oils of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea butter, Black Castor oil and Lavender Essential Oil; Rosemary essential oil

    • Anti-Aging, anti-inflammitory

    • Skin tone restoration

    • Anti-anxiety & stress relieving properties

    • Dark spot & scar reduction

    • Help to reverse damage done to the skin by pollution, UV rays and chemicals

    • Wounds and burn healing properties

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